We recently received a comment on Facebook from a woman who said the U.S. Federal Government Grants Department called and claimed she needed to pay more than $600 in order to receive federal benefits totaling $8,000. She paid the money, never got the $8,000 and asked us how to get a refund of her…


I get babbly when my period is about to happen.


I get babbly when my period is about to happen.

Oh Nicole…

I’ve written this as a father of two children I’m insane about, and as the husband of a woman I look forward to getting pregnant again, per her stated wish. I’ve also written it as someone who, to his knowledge, has never been responsible for a pregnancy that was aborted. And, perhaps most importantly, I’ve written it as a man who thinks of abortions as a sad, scary and wholly undesirable thing.

Undesirable, that is, unless the woman in whose body the pregnancy is occurring desires to have one. In that case, I’m writing it as a man who will protect her right to have it safely and legally.

Rob Delaney wrote a piece for The Guardian about his pro-choice stance and proves once again he is smarter than most people. (via thekhaleesiofhotdogs)

Barbie Gets a Realistic Makeover
Barbie got back.

FATHER CATCHES CUTE POPSICLE THIEFby Blaire Bercy http://bit.ly/13fDIiI


bras are so expensive like i didn’t choose the boob life the boob life chose me


Made me laugh

Made me laugh

From: Barack Obama

Subject: I have a secret…

Body: Haha, jk. On the real, though, I need some $$$!!!




From: Barack Obama

Subject: I have an itchy…

Body: …back and I can’t really reach it. Don’t you hate that? Does this humanise me at all? I’m a regular…